One, we make ATI where entire members can grow together with a common goal.

Second, we make products that inspect all the semiconductors in the world and make ATI world-renowned company.

Three, we make a company that pursues cutting-edge technology that everyone wants to work with.


Try : We must do our best to do all things enthusiastically.

Think : We think deeply and broadly for constant development.

Fight : Challenge with the will of the infallible, not afraid of failure.

Fun : Above all, we work happily and actively.

Thus, we will make the best company with the best technology in the world.


We always remember the six principles of ‘statistics, purpose, passion, achievements, responsibility and reporting’.

  1. Statistics: Prepare work based on sufficient data.
  2. Purpose: Clarify purpose of the mission before starting the work.
  3. Passion: concentrate with confidence that you can do well.
  4. Achievements: We will do our best for our achievements.
  5. Responsibility: You must do it at the appointed time.
  6. Reporting: report the performance and leave a record.