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Wafer Macro Inspection System Higher Resolution Optics Color Macro Inspection 4 Objective Lenses NAC(Numerical Aperture Controller Backside Inspection with IR Color Backside Inspection PBI(Post Bonding Inspection) Enhanced 3D Optic Edge Inspection EBR Measurement Full Area Inspection on Wafer

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Auto Scope System Auto Focus 2 types of review mode(Direct, Manual) Image Saving CD Measurement Overlay KLARF / MAP file Automation Overkill Review Camera : Color Verification 1M Area Camera Scope : 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X, 150X Repeatability : 1um@3σ

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Package Inspection System 2D inspection with high resolution 3D height measurement of the attached components Multiple handling of various types of packaging JEDEC tray, SUS tray, strip, etc. IR optics for inspection through silicon

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Reticle Inspection System MASK Inspection Pellicle Top Inspection Pellicle Bottom Inspection Pellicle Frame Inspection Back Side Inspection Automated Particle Cleaning Function

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Wafer Inspection System High throughput with 2D and 3D optical system Chip inspection after sawing Kerf inspection Advanced D2D algorithm using golden die Verifying review module included Self-developed lens for wide field of view and high resolution Real time auto focusing module adopted Optional IR inspection to inspect

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